July Round of Pose Hop

Our July Round of Pose Hop starts July 15th and runs to July 30th.

Theme is SUMMER!


Something New Poses and Props

AƖƖysση Dωyєr-AρρƖєωнутє Ƥιєяѕ  (allysondwyer)
Jἀḱḛ Dωyєr-AρρƖєωнутє Ƥιєяѕ (jakefromst8tefarm)

Store includes poses for singles, couples, men, women, erotic and family orientated poses! 


SN~ Some Ice with That 1


Sale Item 50% off

SN~ Girl Fun

Image Essentials

IE  Logo Black

Kay Weston

Store includes Male, Female Model poses, Couple poses and many types of backgrounds


IE - Summer Love ad

Sale Item
IE - Woman lay set


p.o.s.e. kids

 ʌυε ʛαƦcια (avegarcia)
Store Includes kid poses, family poses and some male, female and couple poses


p.o.s.e. time together

p.o.s.e Time Together

I want to say a very special thank you to Ave for making this pose for my daughters and I. (Namrah)



Sale Item

p.o.s.e. look @ me

p.o.s.e. Look at me


Reece’s Pieces

reeses pieces

 Ɽҽҽຮҽ (reeseblacke)

Store Includes Kids friendship poses, boy, girl, family and some couple poses


Beach fun_AD

Sale Item

holding hands pose ad

Pose Hop- Round 1- May 15th 8am

I am so thrilled to be able to bring to you some previews for this amazing event!

The Designers have been working so hard to bring to you in their new release for the event the theme Celebrations! They also present to you a sale piece for the round a pose at a discounted price.

So it is time to get your hop on and see the greatness that awaits.

Pose Hop Opens at 8am SLT Today the 15th May

Pose Hop is an event to show the wonderful variety and talent of pose creators across the grid, whilst visiting their stores be sure to check out their other great work and join groups and click on subscibers to keep up to date with new releases, gifts and more.

Feel free to collect our hud and LM Note card from the MarketPlace

or click any and all of the Pose Creators store names below to get teleported to their stores.

Luane’s World

New Release

_LW_ Poses - Happy Birthday to me - vendor

Sale Item

_LW_ Poses - Be my Valentine - multiple pose prop vendor

Something New

New Release

SN~ Celebration

Sale Item

SN~ Swan Lake 1

Studio 15

New Item

Studio 15 Graduation 2016

Sale Item

Studio15 Naughty Whispers

Terra Design

New Release

- terra design - Garden Party AD

Sale Item

- terra design - Grief

Chat Noir

New Release

_CN_ Marriage_c18 tex

_CN_ Bride pose tex

Sale Item

_CN_ girls relaxing pose tex.

Aerial Poses and Props

New Item

Aerial - Jump of Joy! (exclusive)

Sale Item

Aerial single vendor for Model stand poses 2


Indigo Poses

New Item

Indigo - Bridals Ad

Sale Item

Indigo Poses - Daya


New Item

p.o.s.e. first day @ school

Sale Item

p.o.s.e. happy bday

Pose It

New Item

Pose It Celebrating Bodies for Pose Hop 4_3.png

Sale Item

Pose It - Come Here 10_7

Rook Poses

New Item

{Rook} Celebration Advert

Sale Item

{Rook} Pretty Preformance Ad


New Item

__WetCat__ _I DO!_ wedding topper prop pic

Sale Item

__WetCat__ _Best Song Ever_ UNISEX PIC

Strawberry Jam

New Item

{SJ} Look! I'm...Ad

Sale Item

{SJ} Treasured Moments Ad.png

Snap Happy

Coming Soon

Country Girl Animations

Coming Soon

Color Me Project, Designer Showcase, Pose Hop, SWANK, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, {ZOZ} and Freebies!

Lilliana’s beautiful blog showing off Indigo’s Bridal Poses for the event

Welcome to Aurora Town Zindra

It’s late on Saturday Night here in New York Right now, well actually it’s Sunday.  I was running around most of the Day in RL Today.  I bought LOGO’s Chloe Mesh Head last night and wanted to blog a Skin for it.  So whipped up Today’s Post around Chloe.   I also wanted to talk about my Newest Event that I am part of.  The Pose Hop starts Tomorrow.  If you like Poses try this one.  You’ll get a HUD and you will be Hopping around to different Pose Designers Stores to get there Exclusive.

Besides The Pose Hop, The other Events I visited were Color Me Project, Designer Showcase, SWANK, Mesh Body Addicts, and Anybody Monthly.  My Designers are Wertina, Lindy, Rebel Hope, Indigo Poses, {Letituier}, 7 Deadly s[K]ins, Luminesse, {ZOZ} and Flash Friendly Poses.  I have 3 Freebies for you too Today, found at The Chapter Four…

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P.O.S.E. First day of school by Destiny Minx

A Cute, Cute, Cute, blog with P.O.S.E. for the event from Destiny Minx.
Pose : P.o.s.e. ~ First day @ school
Model : ღAva Dreyarღ  (avarawkon)
Wearing : Ask model for info

P.O.S.E Kids ~ Marketplace
Creator : ʌυε ʛαƦcια (avegarcia) ~ Facebook
Photo Location : Town of Nightingale ~ Daycare
Please contact me to schedule your free photo shoot today!
I follow back if you follow my blog.

Jump of Joy

Amazing Blog from Tin Liz featuring Aerial Poses and Props for the Event.

What a Beautiful Mess!

Jump of Joy

With arms outstretched I thank.
With heart beating gratefully I love.
With body in health I jump for joy.
With spirit full I live.

~Terri Guillemets~

The feeling of joy can be fleeting if not given the chance to grow and become established! Too often, life’s troubles get in the way of the true joy of life, and we then struggle mentally and physically. It’s time to move the body, breathe in deep of the fresh air and run, dance, and jump! Life waits for no one, and if it’s not lived with joy what then is the purpose?

I’m super excited to be chosen to feature a new event that’s come to the grid! The Pose Hop is beginning it’s inaugural round on May 15 and I’m pumped to show you what the designers have been working on for it! I’ll say it again that I love poses! Ever…

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ToodleTeez Fashion Week Meets Pose Hop

Amazing Blog by Sky, Pose Hop Starts this weekend and there is some amazing adult and kid poses coming to a store near you!

Animal Crackers & Couture

Treasure Moments Pose Hop

So there is so many things going on this Month I’m trying so hard to show you all the new stuff so one of the events going on is Pose Hop which starts the 15th of this month and then along with Fashion Week it’s a busy busy month but it’s amazing cause we get so many new thing’s. So this pose is from Strawberry Jam It’s a new pose store but  she makes the cutest poses this one is called Treasured Moments you will be able to find this pose at the store  . The Outfit is a new  One From ToodleTeez which is called Country Daisy you get the dress bloomers boots socks and flowers to hold  and it will be hitting the runway at .PENUMBRA. along with so many other’s I have one more from ToodleTeez that i will be showing you in a later post it’s…

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Pose Hop Update


In just 2 weeks time the first hop starts, we wanted to include in world and on market place creators so we are going too, that way awesome pose creators that aren’t quite ready for a store in world can still be involved the line up already is awesome! But if you are a pose or animation creator and would like to take part get in touch directly with DJLdyH3ll in world asap. P.S.. First round fees have been squashed we want to thank you Pose Creators for being part of our second lives.

We had an overwhelming response from some amazing bloggers and the final selection is being made at the moment so they will be announced shortly!